Worship 6/1/13

What’s a “Bucket List”?…this term comes from the idea that there are certain “things” on your list that you absolutely must “get done”. Often this term applies to a desired vacation, sky diving, climbing Mt. Everest…(you get the idea). This week we are beginning a new series at Living Stone called “Bucket List”. During this discussion series each of you will have the opportunity to suggest a scripture, Bible story, or passage that you’d put on your “must have list”. As you begin making your suggestions we will compile an inventory of your collective favorites and be presenting them during the coming weeks. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be involved! You can reply to this post and leave a comment (suggesting your scripture). You can also email your suggestion.


Don’t forget tomorrow starts off with the Adult Study on Hebrews at 9:15 followed by FREE BREAKFAST at 10:15 (worship starts at 10:30).

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