Who We Are

I can hardly wait for Saturday to arrive each week so I can go to Living Stone Church! (I’m like the little kid on a road trip with her parents, “Are we there yet?”) ~ is it time yet?

It is so refreshing to be with people who are seekers after God’s Own Heart; people like me who look forward to our Lesson Study and the preaching that follows during our church service. The atmosphere promotes discussion and the free exchange of ideas and thoughts, all leading us to search our Bibles and get to know the character of Jesus like never before. This is a place I would never hesitate to invite my friends ~ the blessings are phenomenal!



I look forward to each discussion that Living Stone has to offer. As a Church not bound by the sometimes short sightedness of traditional denominations, I am afforded freedom to express my opinions and views without fear of being wrong or judged if I am. This format of discussion as opposed to preacher/congregation serves to extend everyone’s knowledge of the Bible while encouraging a comfortable approach to a proper relationship with our Creator.



I look forward to Saturdays at Living Stone for these three primarily reasons:

For one, I come because the sermon encourages discussion. I can contribute my thoughts/stories/experiences. And so can the person next to me. Studies show that we learn on a deeper level when we’re actively engaged in a group discussion.

Secondly, I have the opportunity to sing. Singing is therapeutic and calming. It’s an opportunity to step out of our worries and focus on sounds and tones and breathing and existing in the present. Singing at Living Stone is less about the lyrics and more about what’s going on behind them. Words alone are overly simplistic; they are two dimensional. Singing at Living Stone is an opportunity to get out of the head and into the space where the spirit resides.

Lastly, I come for the hugs. Just kidding. I come for the friendships. But the hugs are an added perk.





Matt & Angela Wakefield

Matt and Angela:

Matt and Angela Wakefield stay busy raising 5 children ranging in age from college to a new born. They are both passionate about Christ and serving the community.

Matt keeps Living Stone organized and Angela keeps Matt organized.




Keith and Rachel Byers are both active and love that Colorado provides many opportunities to play outside year round. Keith is the head elder for Living Stone, sits on our finance committee, and shares his unique insight into scripture by teaching in our worship service.




Matthew and Flory Hamstra recently had their first child! Matthew works a full time job Monday through Friday and is the Treasurer for Living Stone. He also accepts the opportunity to share his gift of wisdom and love for world history by teaching in our worship service.

Flory is a key member of the music ministry at Living Stone…as well as lending her design skills to sermon graphics and promotions.



Rachel Hijar is an extremely gifted musician and has a passion for community outreach. Therefore, she facilitates the music ministry at Living Stone and plays an important role in keeping our congregation involved in the everyday needs of others around us.



Tony Thomsen is the scholar who keeps us all thinking at Living Stone. He teaches the adult class on Saturday mornings, and gives many thanks to his favorite editor – his wife Carol.

Tony’s passion for scripture and prophecy are trumped only by his love for Christ.