Worship – May 4, 2013

Disciple – James (the less)
Mark 15:40; Psalm 115

Living Stone will provide breakfast this Saturday. Bring a friend!…our day begins with an Adult Bible Class at 9:15am up on the second floor (the topic this week will be “Spiritual Disciplines” with an emphasis on prayer). Breakfast will be ready by 10:00 in the main lobby and our worship service begins at 10:30. In weeks past we have been studying each disciple Christ chose. This week our character is lovingly known as James “the less” or sometime James “the minor”. His life teaches one of the most profound blessings of the Christian’s journey and you won’t want to miss this discussion. During our worship we encourage interaction, you can prepare by reading Psalm 115.

Worship – 4/20/13

The Disciple – Matthew
Luke 5:27-32

Last Monday was a deadline not many people look forward to – tax day! I’d be willing to bet that as you filed your 2012 income tax it never crossed your mind to send a thank you card to the IRS (be honest). Flash back to the time of Christ…as he walked along a road he observed a man named Levi (aka Matthew). Jesus saw this man collecting taxes from the Jewish men and women who traveled that road. Then Jesus does something remarkable…he says to Levi “Hey, how about you leave this lifestyle behind and follow me”! Join us tomorrow as we continue our disciple series and study the life of Matthew.   Schedule: Adult and Children’s Class – 9:15 followed by worship at 10:30.

Worship 4/13/13

John 1:43-51


Last week we studied Philip and continue our discussion tomorrow by studying his friend and close companion – Nathanael. Most of what we learn about Nathanael comes from the first chapter of John. Though only a few verses mention Nathanael; there is very compelling insight into his character.    Don’t forget…in addition to our 10:30am worship there is a two part lesson on the book of Daniel taking place tomorrow. Part 1 will be at Living Stone church at 9:15am. Part 2 will be at Littleton Hospital at 2pm.

Worship 4/6/13

Disciples Series

Breakfast provided tomorrow. Please be encouraged to join the Adult Class study at 9:15 followed by our worship service at 10:30 (Children can join our 9:15 kids class during the adult study time).   During worship we will sing praises together and study the disciple “Philip”. You can reference him mentioned by name several times in the book of John.  Looking ahead: April 13 there will be a 2 part lesson on the book of Daniel. Part 1 will be located at Living Stone at 9:15am. Part 2 will be located at Littleton SDA Hospital at 2pm.

Worship – 3/23/13

Adult and Children’s class begin at 9:15


Last week we studied the life of the apostle Andrew. Join us this week as we look at one of the “Sons of Thunder” – the apostle James.     Take a glance at the 5 chapters of his book found in the new testament. The worship service begins at 10:30.



March Madness

A weekly study of each disciple. What made them ordinary? What made them stand out?

Here is the schedule for March:     March 2nd – Peter; part 1     March 9th – Peter; part 2     March 16th – Andrew     March 23rd – James     March 30th – John (social lunch following church at the Furr’s home).    This week (March 16th) the adult class will be studying Hebrews 6. The kids will also resume class with a new curriculum   studying the Bible beginning in Genesis.    Schedule:    Classes: 9:15am     Worship: 10:30am

Weather Update – 3/9/13

Drive with caution!

We will have our Bible study today at 10:30am. We will meet in the classroom on the 2nd floor.

The 9:15 children and adult classes have been cancelled for today.

Peter: part 2












6 character traits that Peter learned from Christ greatly influenced his writing found in 1 Peter.

March 2nd – worship

Peter – part 1
Acts 3:6-8

Would you ever use the descriptive word “ordinary” to identify someone who changed the course of history? Typically not! However, last week as we began a new discussion of the disciples we discovered that Christ intentionally selected a diverse group of average men to deliver His message. This week we start a 2 part discussion on the life of Peter. Bring a friend and join us!

9:15 am: Adult Class (The Power of Coincidence; Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11).

10:15am: breakfast (bagels, donuts, juice)

10:30am: worship (Peter; part 1, Acts 3:6-8)

February 23rd – worship

Beginning February 23

In recent weeks we discussed Matthew 10 in preparation for a new study on each individual disciple. The new series begins this week with a discussion of 1 Corinthians 1:18-31. Be sure and join us this Saturday!


Adult Class (Hebrews 6) – 9:15am

Worship (Disciples – Intro) – 10:30am

Note: we’ll show a slide show/video from last weeks Love and Friendship social lunch. Some great pictures were taken and you won’t want to miss it!

Love and Friendship lunch

Greetings and Happy Valentine’s!


Reminder that we will have our “Love and Friendship” social lunch following church this Saturday (February 16th). The meal is Italian themed. If you haven’t signed up to bring a food item it’s not too late. All are invited! For more info you can contact Flory or Tanya at livingstonesocialevents@gmail.com . The schedule is as follows:


Class (Hebrews) – 9:15am

Worship (Matthew 10:32-42) – 10:30am


Lunch (At Amber Adema’s house) – 1:00pm


(Reply to livingstonesocialevents@gmail.com if you need the address for lunch).