Our Beliefs

Surf a few other church websites and you’ll notice the “beliefs” section gets long and wordy. We sympathize with those authors! Sometimes a short summary can cause more confusion than it’s worth. So to avoid blurring the picture, “church people” (like us) tend to err on the side of detail. But if you aren’t a detail person, just read the following italicized section and come back to the rest later when you get curious.

We believe God created and loves humanity. We believe His true character is illustrated in the life of Jesus Christ his Son, who is our hope and our salvation. We believe God spoke to and through the authors of the Bible; making it timeless, relevant, and vital for all generations. We regret that we are sinners and yet rejoice in knowing God loves us anyway!

Ephesians 4, 1 Peter 2, 1 John 4 )

Want more detail?

The title Living Stone originated with the name of Christ – as described in 1 Peter 2:4-5. In that passage we discover that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the believer’s life. We encourage each other to live like Him – the original living Stone.

We are members of the Seventh-day Adventist faith community. Adventists believe that God’s unfailing love for humanity is clearly illustrated in the Bible from beginning to end. We study scripture (both the Old and New Testament) and consider the written word of God irresistible and a vital part of our daily lives.

One question that we often hear is “Why do you worship on Saturday instead of Sunday?” Although this distinction might seem a little strange at first, the answer is actually quite simple.

  • The 4th Commandment reminds us that God worked hard for 6 days and then chose to spend the 7th day enjoying time with all that He created (Exodus 20:8-11). We think this sounds like a pretty cool idea and don’t feel like we have the authority to pick and choose which commandments to follow. Why obey only 9 out of 10? So while we do our best to follow God Sunday thru Friday – we purposefully slow things down a bit on Saturdays and regroup with God, our friends, and family.
  • Though the 4th Commandment makes sense – it’s not the most compelling reason to keep “the Sabbath” on Saturday. The most glaring evidence comes from the life of Christ himself. He supported the true spirit of the 4th commandment by personally keeping the 7th day Sabbath. Jesus also spent a lot of time correcting the Pharisees who had turned the 7th day Sabbath into a tradition/ritual. Simply stated – we follow Christ – and if Saturday was good enough for Christ…its good enough for us (Matthew 12:1-12; Mark 2:23-28; Mark 6:2; Luke 4:14-16; Luke 6:1-9; Luke 13:10-17).

Did you take a minute to look up and read the previous list of scriptures? You shouldn’t blindly accept what we believe simply because we quoted some scripture. We encourage you to study on your own. A personal pursuit of God is a big part of what we believe at Living Stone. We believe that when individuals study the Word of God for themselves they discover that their salvation and connection to God come through Christ alone. Not through a pastor, a church, a tradition, or specific belief. Unfortunately many believers feel no need for personal study and growth because they lean too heavily on the faith of a church leader or organization. We challenge you to join us on our journey through scripture to discover the life of Christ illustrating compassion, love, grace, and mercy – that part is huge for us! Therefore, we feel our number one job as Christians is to represent the true character of God. The Bible makes it pretty clear that God’s character is truth and love. Likewise, we are called to love while still believing in truth (Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 13:6, 1 John 4) and let God in His wisdom be the ultimate judge for others. In other words – love and truth can and should coexist in the believer’s life.

What else do we believe?